Glory for Centuries – 1992
Cult of the Black Pentagram – 1993
Thus Spake Zarathustra – 1995,
Liber Diabolus – 1991-1996
Thus spake Zarathustra – 2009 DIGI PACK


Polish black metal scene cannot be taken into consideration without Xantotol and it’s hard to overestimate Xantotol recordings from the first half of nineties. This band is considered to be pioneers of black metal in Poland and together with Pandemonium was the main impulse and inspiration to develop this genre.

Xantotol was formed in 1991 and stayed true to black metal ideas till the end of their activity. At the beginning of previous decade where such music started to develop in Norway, there were only several bands in Poland, truly dedicated to the extreme musical art. After recording first demo tape “Glory For Centuries” which include Samael cover “Into The Pentagram” the band spreaded its wings and followed with recording of mini album “Cult Of The Black Pentagram”. When the album was done, Xantotol got the offer from Finnish label Hammer Of Damnation Records but rejected it due to their orthodox vision of producing and promoting black metal. Finally “Cult Of The Pentagram” was released by Witching Hour in 1993. The band got deeper and deeper into satanic philosophy and found hermetic organization called “Fullmoon”. Their next step was recording of full-time album, “Thus Spake Zaratustra”, based strongly o Nitzsche’s works and released again by Witching Hour. Despite or maybe due to extreme and orthodox approach, this gave the band much recognition and respect in underground. Next year the band started to prepare music for next album tentatively called “Czort” but unfortunately this has never seen the light of the day. In 1996 Xantotol decided to call it a day.

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