1995-At The Black Moon Night(demo)
2000-Metal Forever (demo)
2003-Death Metal Beast (demo)
2003-Two Tales Of Terror (split)
2004-X99.9 (full-length)
2006-Legion Of Doom (demo)


In 1991, in Zielona Gora, Mortuary band came into being on Reyash’s initiative. The band adhered to Death Metal tradition. The aim of existing of the band was, and still is playing Death Metal for one’s own pleasure, regardless of trends prevailing in Metal music. About 15 musicians were in the band but the pillar of the band were Reyash – bass guitar, vocals and Vitold – drums. .. Till 1995 Mortuary played lots of marvellous concerts around former Zielona Gora district and then the band decided to record its first official demo “At the Black Moon Night”. 1996 – change of the name of the band to SUPREME LORD. So named band goes to Warsaw (first so big performance), where was invited by Cezar within the confines of Christ Agony tour. Supreme Lord defends itself perfectly on the stage Same year band records next demo – “Dark Heresies”.1997-1999 was hard period for Supreme Lord. Arguments and shuffles in the band lead to suspend activity of S.L. Reyash records vocals for Profanum (demo + two albums), and with Vitoldo, they concentrate on their new project Witchmaster established with Profanum’s guitarist – Kali..2000-2001 is the comeback of SUPREME LORD to the polish stage and recording of demo “Ritual Roting” at new line up: Reyash – bass,/vocals, Zlo665 – drums, Helel – guitars. First performance in new line up is performance at DARKZONE FESTIVAL, at Vader’s side, then single concerts with Hate, Yattering. In August the band records demo(n) 2000 – “Metal Forever” and creates its own tone. At the end of September it goes for mini-tour APOCALYPSE TOUR 2000 with Christ Agony and Domain (about 8 shows) . Meanwhile Reyash and Vitold get proposal of playing in Christ Agony from Cezar, which they accede to for lack of activities. Cezar comes to Zielona Góra for few attempts and behind the facade of Christ Agony they play about 20 cool shows. Preparations for recording Christ Agony’s album still last. .. ..2002 is the great breakthrough for Supreme Lord. Two guitarists join the band: Pablo and Shymon. Now nothing can stop Death Metal machine Supreme Lord and they are slowly recording “X99.9”.in METAL SOUND STUDIO in Swiebodzin. In the meantime Reyash returns to Witchmaster where they record their 3rd album ‘Witchmaster’ in October. 2004 – contract with CONQUER UK with headquarters in London. In october Supreme Lord becomes a three – piece band, another line – up changes and the new drummer ZAALA in the band.Current line-up: Reyash/Zaala/ Shymon. 2005 – Supreme Lord records another demo. In March 2006 SZYMON from death metal MORBUS MORTIFER joins the band and has a chance to show his abilities during the upcomming tour.In 2008 Supreme Lord prepares 8 new songs and Incantation cover for the upcoming album ‘FATHER KAOS’ recorded in Zielona Góra Nagram Studio. Negotiations with labels end up siging the deal with Witching Hour Production. The release date is set for November 2011. Album will be released as digipack with bonus demo from 2006 and videoclip for the song ‘Stop The Silence’. ‚Father Kaos‘ is 8 ultra brutal acts of death metal destruction + Incantation cover – absolute must-have for fans of early Morbid Angel and Incantation!!!

Reyash – bass, vocals
Morbus – guitars, vocals
Zaala – drums