Disorder Demo, 1996
The Tail of Substance Full-length, 1997
The Devilish Whirl Full-length, 1999
Demonic Verses (Blessed Are Those Who Kill Jesus)Full-length,2004
The Independence of Observation Choice Full-length, 2007

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NOMAD, set up in 1994, after two years of intensive rehearsing recorded in 1996 in Bialystok’s SALMAN Studio its debut demo called „DISORDER”In October 1997 in famous SELANI Studio, NOMAD records “THE TAIL OF SUBSTANCE, which is released on professional MC tape by the band itself… In 1998 the band puts on tape 4 news songs in ALKATRAZ Studio in Katowice, this leads directly to signing a deal with NOVUM VOX MORTIS. In February 1999 NOMAD adds 3 more songs that together with previous four constitute second album “THE DEVILISH WHIRL”. In 2002 in Lublin’s HENDRIX Studio, NOMAD records new album „DEMONIC VERSES (Blessed Are Those Who Kill jesus)” which is soon released by American BAPHOMET RECORDS. In 2003 SWEET NOISE invites NOMAD to artistic organization called NOISENATION. In 2006 the band enters HENDRIX Studio for the second time to record fourth album "THE INDEPENDENCE OF OBSERVATION CHOICE" (LUCE CLARIUS), which was released in May 2007 by EMPIRE RECORDS and later rereleased worldwide by ANIMATE RECORDS. Currently NOMAD is finishing recordings of new album "TRANSMIGRATION OF CONSCIOUNESS".