"Sowing Profane Seed" – (demo 1994)
"For a Glory of All Evil Spirits, Rise for Victory" – (album 1995)
"Promo’96" – (promo 1996)
"Seed of Victory" – (CD 1998)
"Damnatio Memoriae" – (DELUXE DIGI 2009)

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Mastiphal was set up in 1991 by Flauros (vocals) and Cymeris (guitars). During the first year of activity the band performed under the moniker Dissolution. It was in 1992 when the musicians choose more precisely the direction of band’s development and chose the name Mastiphal. Apart from Christ Agony, Behemoth & Graveland, they created one of the first black metal bands in Poland. However the music of Mastiphal differed a lot from what other acts presented – mostly due to wide use of keyboards.

Debut demo entitled “Sowing Profane Seed” was released in 1994. Music was recorded in Czech studio “Fors” and released by the label “Baron Records”. One year later in “Music Project” studio Mastiphal records full-length album “For a Glory of All Evil Spirits, Rise for Victory”, which was released in Poland again by “Baron Records”. Year after the CD was available in Europe via Nocturn Records from Netherlands.

Soon after the debut saw the light of day, three musicians left the band. However Flauros & Cymeris were soon joined by drummer Paul and Mastiphal – as trio – recorded two songs for compilation albums. “Summoned Howling” was released on “A Tribute To Hell” by American label Full Moon Productions, and song “Mag-Sex” was released on tribute album “Czarne Zastępy – w hołdzie Kat”. Last release of Mastiphal in the 90’s was compilation album “Seed of Victory” out in 1998 via Vox Mortiis Records. In the next year founding member decided to split since their musical visions varied more and more.

After over 10-year hiatus Mastiphal returned to full activity. In September 2009 Witching Hour Productions released double CD reissue of all previously recorded Mastiphal songs, and some live recordings from 1994 – all under the title “Damnatio Memoriae”. In 2010 Mastiphal was joined by Daamr (guitar), Opressor (guitar, bass) and drummer Senator to start recording new studio album. Meanwhile they hit the stage again playing twice with legendary Mayhem.

In autumn 2010 Mastiphal started recording their reunion album entitled “Parvzya”. ‘Day Of Lord’s Wrath’ is ten new songs of classic black metal strongly influenced by 80’s and 90’s metal music. “Parvzya” was recorded in Maq Studio and Hunted House. In January and February 2011 the album was mixed in famous Swedish Necromorbus Studio (where Watain, Funeral Mist and Destroyer 666 were also recording). Mastiphal continues the collaboration with Witching Hour Productions – this label set the release date for May 2011 – “Parvzya” will be available as digibook CD and LP gatefold.

Live premiere of the new tracks will take place at the Silesian Massacre Festival, where Mastiphal will play with Dodheims Gard, Entombed and Kataklysm. The band will also play a gig at The Underground Unleashed Festival in Darjeeling (India).


“Sowing Profane Seed” – (Baron Records 1994)
“For a Glory of All Evil Spirits, Rise for Victory” – (Baron Records 1995 /Nocturn Records 1996)
“Seed of Victory” – (Vox Mortiis 1998)
“Czarne Zastępy – W hołdzie Kat” – (Pagan Records 1998)
“A Tribute to Hell” – (Full Moon Productions 1998)
“Damnatio Memoriae” – (Witching Hour Productions 2009)




Flauros – vocal
Daamr – guitars, bass
Oppressor – guitars, bass
Cymeris – guitars
Senator – drums