Promo – (demo 2007)
Death March Fury – (CD 2009)

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MASACHIST is a band formed by Thrufel (guitarist known from AZARATH and YATTERING) and Daray (drummer of VADER, VESANIA and NEOLITHIC). The idea of creating MASACHIST has been in my mind for years but it finally took it’s shape after meeting Daray in 2005. Convergent music tastes and views on playing extreme sounds resulted in a will to create something new, fresh and different from what we’ve been playing with our bands. Due to Daray`s responsibilities in VADER we could not rehearse regulary. Nevertheless, our determination resulted in writing a promising material. So far we have recorded two-song promo – “Malicious Cleansing” and “Open the Wounds” . During the recording session we were joined by Heinrich, known from VESANIA and ROOTWATER, and Aro of SHADOWS LAND, so for today MASACHIST consists of Daray – drums, Thrufel – lead & rhythm guitar, vocals, Aro – rhythm guitar, vocals and Heinrich – bass. The man behind the lyrics is Brezniev, a talented lyricist, whom some of you might know for his work on “Murder’s Concept” and “Genocide” albums of my former band Yattering.

I hope that this is the line-up which will be recording our debut album and that nothing will prevent us from achieving our goal. Of course it will take time, but with this band such methods of working are unavoidable, unfortunately.

Fortunately there was also a Polish release by Death Solution (as an addition to the in-famous Mega Sin magazine), and Ibex Moon. The album was enthusiastically reviewed by the press, and the band decided once again to tour and devastate the Polish grounds in late 2006. Next year, 2007, was spent on preparations for recording new album “Darkness” in HERTZ STUDIO. This piece will be released by Witching Hour Prod. and distributed by Mystic Prod. Our latest album is over 46 minutes of non-compromise PURE FUCKING METAL!!! The premiere of this album is planned on November 2008. The record will be released as a digi-pack.


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