1988 Trash-Speed-Blood (Demo)
1991 Gods Of The Crime (Demo)
1992 Scarlet Slaughterer (Demo)
1992 The Gods Of The Crime (Demo) (Carnage Records)
1992 I Was Watching My Death (Blackend Rec./Switzerland)
1992 Scarlet Slaughterer (Digiton Records)
1994 Alcoholic Suicide (Metal Mind Records)

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1987 – creation of MAGNUS. First line-up:

ROB BANDIT – vocals, PYTHON – guitars, BĘKART – guitars, EDI – bass, RAKU – drums

1988 – in February Magnus sets off for a concert in France invited by zine “Hier Aujour’ hui – Demain”.

First demo “TRASH SPEED BLOOD METAL” is recorded.

1989 – Band is working intensively on new songs, meanwhile playing more and more concerts. Between October and December MAGNUS is working at Izabelin Studio recording tracks for their first official album entitled later “SCARLET SLAUGHTERER”

1990 – In March MAGNUS is heading behind eastern boarder playing 3 concerts in Moscow. Around this time band undergoes first line-up change. Bękart is replaced by GUZZ, and ADDAGIO steps in for Edi.

In April MAGNUS goes to Moscow again, this time playing at “Zelazny Marsz” Festival at Gorky Park. After several more concerts in their home country, MAGNUS starts working on new material. First songs created were “That Is The Reason I’d Like You To Die…” and “Gods Of Crime”. Band is rehearsing and composing until April 1991.

1991 – MAGNUS is playing USSR for the third time. This time playing 2 gigs in “Łuzniki” Hall.

Between 30th April and 2nd May, MAGNUS is recording their second demo “THE GODS OF THE CRIME”

1992 – this year begins with playing gigs together with NAPALM DEATH, DEICIDE, ATROCITY, GOREFEST, SAMAEL. In spring MAGNUS prepares for another studio visit and between May and June 11 new songs are being recorded in Izabelin Studio.

In July, Swiss label BLACKEND RECORDS releases this album under the title “I WAS WATCHING MY DEATH”. Almost at the same time, Polish label CARNAGE RECORDS releases 8 songs from this session under the title “THE GODS OF THE CRIME”. Several weeks later, another label DIGITON releases CD reissue of “SCARLET SLAUGHTERER”, previously released by MIL on cassette format.

1993 – since the beginning of the year until September, MAGNUS is playing live and preparing new songs. September – October is the time of another visit in Izabelin Studio to record new album – working title “PERFECT CRIME” – which was finally released as “ALCOHOLIC SUICIDE”.

1994– Metal Mind Production releases “ALCOHOLIC SUICIDE” and reissue of “I WAS WATCHING MY DEATH”.

1994 – 1996 MAGNUS sets for ALCOHOLIC SUICIDE TOUR, playing also Metalmania Festival together with MORBID ANGEL, SAMAEL and CANNIBAL CORPSE. The band is thinking of another album this time with covers of classic punk rock bands: Stiff Little Fingers, Youth Brigade, Exploited, Ramones, Armia, Sex Pistols… However this idea is abandoned soon after.

1997 – MAGNUS activity is suspended.

2010 – after 13 years of silence MAGNUS returns on stage, signing contract for 2 albums and reissues of previous recordings. First outcome of this cooperation will be new album „ACCEPTANCE OF DEATH” which will see the light of day in September. 13 songs recorded for this release is the essence of death/thrash/black as it was played in the 80’s. Songs’ structures, specific sound and atmosphere that reminds of such acts as SARCOFAGO and early SEPULTURA give us the impression of time being stopped in that decade. MAGNUS is the living legend and the proof of OLD SCHOOL glory!



Rob Bandit – vocal
Python – guitar
Guzz – guitar
Deadbear – bass
Jaras – drums


Terrorizer – 7/10 – scan

Legacy – 11/15

Rock Hard – 7/10

Die meisten polnischen Death-Metal-Bands klingen ein wenig nach Vader, und MAGNUS (viertes Album) sind da keine Ausnahme. Etwas roher produziert und etwas ursprünglicher eingeknüppelt, stellt „ Acceptance Of Death“ eine gute Alternative zum polnischen Szene-Flaggschiff dar, dem einige der hier vertretenen Songs – auch wenn die Slayer-Einflüsse fehlen – ganz gut zu Gesicht stehen würden. MAGNUS, die 13 Jahre lang pausierten, haben einen leichten Hang zum Black Metal, der aber durch die tiefen Growls relativiert wird. Dass sich die Band außerdem deutlich gegen Faschismus ausspricht, ist in der polnischen Szene erstens nicht selbstverständlich und macht die Jungs zweitens sehr sympathisch. Eine Tour mit Vader oder Behemoth würde MAGNUS vermutlich auf einen Schlag europaweit bekannt machen.

Götz Kühnemund 7,5

Executioner Zine – 8,5/10 –

Musicreviews – 12/15 –

Music Scan – 7,5/10 –

Zugegeben, der Gebrüllschrei zu Beginn von “Acceptance…” ließ nichts Gutes erahnen. Aber, siehe da, die Jungs von MAGNUS sind, obwohl scheinbar zusätzlich mit allen metaltypischen Klischees unterwegs, doch keine stumpfe Gerumpelband. Über die Ästhetik des Covers (Sänger extremst nietenbehangen in “gleich drehe ich durch”-Pose) kann man sich wohl streiten. Aber, das Gemetzel, das folgt, hat es mitunter in sich. Schwer zu beschreiben, wie man den Krawall nennen soll. Am ehesten ist es wohl eine Mischung aus Black Metal (der räudigen, aber nicht primitiven Sorte), Thrash (Marke early Sodom) und Death Metal. Der Produktion und ebenso den Songs sei Danke, klingt das ganze ein bisschen wie eine Zeitreise, denn auch, wenn das Scheibchen aus dem Jahre 2010 stammt, klingt alles äußerst oldschoolig. Mag vielleicht auch daran liegen, daß MAGNUS schon seit 1988 unterwegs sind und den Spirit der 80er haben sie sich somit auch einigermaßen bewahrt. Allzu nostalgisch klingt die Akzeptanz des Todes dann auch gar nicht. Wer es schnörkellos mag und voll auf die Glocke, den werden die dreizehn Songs sicher in ihren Bann ziehen. Wo viel Licht ist, ist gewohnheitsgemäß auch viel Schatten. Der aber hält sich hier in Grenzen. Einzig und allein den Vorwurf könnte man der Band machen, daß diese Musik einfach auf die Länge einer CD etwas ermüdend wirkt und ihr Sänger manchmal arg knödelt und an den Sänger von Vader erinnert. Sei es drum. Wer es hart braucht, der braucht MAGNUS! (7,5/10)

Hard Harder Heavy – 5/7 –

Queens Of Steel – 8,5/10

Metal Team UK

MTUK Webzine (UK):

Having formed in 1987, Magnus released three full length albums before seemingly calling it a day in 1994. Sixteen years on and they return with a fourth album, and with it this Polish horde promise an offering that will take you back to the old school, and that is certainly what it does. Now as with fellow Witching Hour band Non Opus Dei, this has been a case of hearing some songs on the bands MySpace page from an old album and being somewhat confused on hearing the new material. There has definitely been a change in the bands sound, and it’s a pretty big one, which I guess is understandable given the 16 years that have passed by since the last album. What I was expecting was some raw European thrash metal with a few deathly influences, however what comes out of the speakers is far more the other way around.

So is change a good thing? Well, it’s not that they’ve gone and released something that’s really poor or watered down or commercialised – it’s just different to the early sound – no better, no worse, but how you perceive that change is really a matter of personal taste. If you’re a dyed in the wool thrasher then this is likely to be far too deathly and brutal a pill for you to swallow, but if you’re really open to this style then chances are you’ll enjoy it. ‘Appear’ has a sinister guitar intro that sounds very Polish, before leading into a pummelling assault on the eardrums. This isn’t purely a two-dimensional thing either, and occasionally it slows down to a really filthy and sludgy pace, contrasting the more thrash orientated parts.

Vocals are a straight forward deathly growl – no frills here, this sounds very old school and well executed. There are some decent guitar solos mixed in to an overall sound that is incredibly bass-heavy, and ‘To Understand Death’ comes pounding in with some belligerent riffs. The tracks on this album are surprisingly short, only two sneaking above the three minute mark and one thing I can’t help but notice is some of the tracks such as ‘Worm’ end very abruptly. ‘Nothing More’ uses this effect too with sudden breaks in its raw, dirty assault. ‘Private Religion’ breezes along at a cool pace for a while before speeding up with an energetic verse that is likely to incite a real mosh pit frenzy. At times I can’t help but notice an old school Sepultura vibe in this one. The track that really does stand out for me is ‘They’ll Bury’ as it just has such a really insane bounce to it while there’s a fuzziness rising up from beneath.

Fans of old school death metal will find plenty to get excited about here – it’s simple and brutal and unspoiled by any technical nonsense present in a lot of modern bands. It’s nothing particularly groundbreaking but then a groundbreaking old school album is surely a contradiction in itself anyway.

Minacious Webzine

Minacious Webzine (Sweden):

Magnus is a Polish Death/Thrash Metal band formed in 1987, they split-up in 1997, but they returned in 2010 and this is their first album since their reformation. The music is still old school Death/Thrash, borderline old school Black Metal but in my opinion the music is more Death/Thrash Metal then Black Metal, but enough labelling. The music is raw and brutal, a non-stop sonic skullfucking armageddon. It’s fast and violent with razor sharp riffs, some harsh solos, brutal drumming, a heavy bass and screamed growl vocals. A great album, and a fucking brilliant comeback!


Metallized (Denmark)

Metallian (France)

Hard Rock (France)

Legacy (Germany)

Informazione Metal (Italy)

Terrorizer (UK)

Supposed To Rot (Spain)


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