1993 – Everlasting Sickness Demo
1994 – Forbidden Spaces Promo CD (split w/Behemoth Last Episode 1997 )
1995 – Reborn… CD/MC (Pagan Records)
1996 – Rebel Souls DIGI PACK (Last Epitaph )
1998 – Promo
1998 – Coronation CD (Last Epitaph)
2000 – Resist CD/MC (Dark Realm,Cudgel Records, Metal Mind )
2014/2015 – Demos,Reborn…,Rebel Souls,Coronation reedition on LP.
(Witching Hour Productions)

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Dedicated to Darkness and fascinated by everything brutal and extreme in the metal kind, Damnation was formed in autumn 1991. The first demo tape “Everlasting Sickness” was recorded in February 1993 and sold more than 800 copies worldwide in a short period of time. In April 1994 Damnation entered the studio again to record promo tape “Forbidden Spaces”. This tape contains four songs of fast and brutal death metal.

Thanks to that tape some labels contacted the band. Finally Damnation signed a one-record deal with Polish Pagan Records. In summer 1995 the band recorded their debut album “Reborn…” containing 40 minutes of blasphemous brutal death metal the old way – the only one way… “Reborn…” was released in October 1995 and got very positive reviews worldwide. It was said to be one of the most important releases in the genre in 1995.

In the beginning of 1996 Damnation signed a three-record deal with German Last Epitaph Productions.

The second album of Damnation entitled “Rebel Souls” was recorded in April-May 1996. It contains three quarters of uncompromising death metal massacre with sinister instrumental introductions. “Rebel Souls” was brought forth as an absolutely splendid digi-pack by the German Last Epitaph Production in September’96. The band also recorded a cover song, origins from Polish greatest creators of musical madness – the mighty version of “Porwany obledem” opens the “Czarne Zastepy – Tribute to KAT” CD, released by Pagan Records in the beginning of ’97. Also available is the little known, (maybe forgotten) ’94 promo “Forbidden Spaces”. It appears as a split-CD with Behemoth’s ’94 “And the Forests Dream Eternally”, courtesy of Last Epitaph. It’s something really special for the fans, as it’s never been released until now.

In February ’97, Damnation gets once again involved with Robert Hajduk, and re-enter the already tested P.J. Studio (“Rebel Souls”, the KAT’s cover song). Within a few days the mini-album “Coronation” is born. It contains three brand new tracks: Coronation, Spell Master, Sworn to the Darkside, plus a re-recorded version of The Land of Degradation (originally appearing on “Reborn…”). The MCD was released by the Last Epitaph Production, in January ’98.

In the half of 1997, the ’94 Damnation bass player Arthur (also known as an ex-Condemnation musician) and Varien (the former drummer of Damnation) have joined the band again! Reinforced that way, the power of Damnation was turned once more against all the Christ’s followers…

In April ’98 the band played small tour in Poland along with Lux Occulta and Sacriversum.

In May Damnation played onto “Fuck the Commerce II” – open air festival in Germany, along with Vader, Cannibal Corpse, Krabathor, Mortician, Demigod, Disgrace and so on…

But earlier the band recorded three brand new tracks in Selani Studio as the Promo ’98, with really good and intense sound.

In July the 11th Damnation played on the “With A Dragon’s Blaze Festival” – open air in Belgium, along with Hammerfall, Benediction, Edge of Sanity, Behemoth…

In the early 1999 Damnation finished composing songs for the new album and signed American label Dark Realm Records (owned by the members of Sadistic Intent) for the North America release. Third album entitled “Resist” was recorded in June/July’99 in P.J. Records. “Resist” was released in March 2000 in USA, Canada and Mexico (Dark Realm Records), in May 2000 in Europe (Cudgel Agency from Germany) and in Poland (Metal Mind Productions).

In April — May 2000 Damnation played European tour with Severe Torture from Holland and it was a really great time!

In the beginning of June 2000 Damnation played again on “Fuck The Commerce III” – open air festiwal in Germany, along with Monstrosity, Sinister and Gehennah. And after that Damnation played next Europen tour supporting Dying Fetus from USA.

Since the beginning of 2001 Damnation has a new bass player – Bruno (from Azarath). His first show in the line-up was on Conquer Records Festival (2001.04.29, Gdynia).

Damnation also has a new drummer – Mark (from Demise). He made his debut during the great tour with Krisiun and Spawn in June 2001. It was a really great time during all those nights and successful playing!!! Damnation would like to thank and hail all “brothers of metal” from Krisiun and Spawn!!!

In 2014/2015 Witching Hour Production release as a vinyl format separately:

DEMOS ( Everlasting Sickness,Forbidden Spaces,Promo 98) 12″ GATEFOLD LP
Reborn… 12″ GATEFOLD LP
Rebel Souls 12″ GATEFOLD LP
Coronation 12″ GATEFOLD LP

Last band line-up is:
Les – guitars/vocals
Bart – guitars
Jeff – bass
Młody – drums