1998 – Demo ’98

2000 – Pages in Blood LP [self-released]

2004 – Reborn demo

2006 – Iniquity Intensity Insanity [self-released]

2008 – Iniquity Intensity Insanity [Vinylucifer Records]

2010 – Whore EP [free web release]

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Bloodwritten was set up in 1997 by Bastard (voc) and Thanathos (guitar). In the early days they played black metal inspired by occultism, magic and H.P. Lovercraft mythology. Year later the band was ready to record first demo (“Demo 98”) which was followed by regular debut album in 2000 entitled “Pages In Blood” and self-financed by musicians themselves. First year of new millennium was marked with line-up changes – the band became more stable in 2002 when joined by drummer Matt (Condemnated) and bass player Chaos. At that time Bastard focused only on vocals – and second guitar duties were passed to Necrohypnos, previously handling bass. In 2004 Bloodwritten released their important second demo entitled “Reborn” which was recorded and mastered at famous Hertz Studio (Behemoth, Vader and many more…). Since that release music of Bloodwritten turned into both old Slayer and European thrash metal masters. Musicians pointed also Kreator, Immortal, Necrophobic or Carpathian Forest as inspirations. 2006 followed with second full-length album „Iniquity Intensity Insanity”, produced again at Hertz Studio. 7 songs, over 36 minutes of classy black/thrash. In March 2008 this album was officially released by Vinylucifer Records/Karthago Records, with demo “Reborn” as bonus. Soon after the release of second album Chaos left the band and was replaced by Marrath Sattis (Neithal) who brought fresh attitude to the band. In 2009 Bloodwritten played first big tour with Hate (Morphosis Tour). 12 shows in Poland underlined the band’s potential which was earlier noticed by many – since band played over 50 shows, among them Hard Rocker Festival with Mekong Delta. In the second part of 2009 Bloodwritten focused on recording their third full-length album. Those 10 tracks of over 40 minutes running time were entitled “Thrashin’ Fury”. Album was recorded in Sophiria Studio and mastered by Szymon Czech. Cover artwork was designed by Ataman Tolovy (Stillborn). Recently Bloodwritten signed a deal with Witching Hour Productions. “Thrashin’ Fury” will be released on 1st November as digipak CD and limited LP


„Thrashin` Fury” is a pack of 10 hellish reeks, 10 blazing tracks, 10 nukes that will blow your skull away! Great atmosphere, dirty sound and vocals full of fury! 40 minutes of old Kreator and Slayer mixed with Immortal i Carpathian Forest influences: Blackened Fukkin` Thrash Metal !!!

The stuff was recorded at Sophiria Studio, mastered by Szymon Czech. Cover design and layout was made by Ataman Tolovy (Stillborn).

The album was released as a DIGI PACK with 12 pages booklet and limited to only 333 copies numbered blood-red vinyl with a standard LP cover.



Bastard – vocals
Thanathos – guitar
Necrohypnos – guitar
Marrath Sattis – bass
Matt – drums


ROCK HARD – 7/10 – scan

Rock Tribune – 75/100

Legacy – 10/15

Legacy (GER):

BLOODWRITTEN „Thrashin’ Fury”

(Witching Hour)

Die polnischen Black-Thrasher BLOODWRITTEN sind in etwa so originell wie die Suicidal Angels – nämlich gar nicht. Ihr Sound – der abgesehen vom Genre-üblichen Gekrächze – mehr Thrash als Black ist, orientiert sich auf instrumentaler und songschreiberischer Ebene immer wieder an den üblichen Verdächtigen: Sodom, Kreator, Sepultura, Slayer – ganz besonders deutlich wird das in einem Song wie ‚Zombie Survival‘, der sowohl vom Aufbau her (erst Midtempo, denn Gaspedal), als auch vom Riffing frappierend an ‚Magic Dragon‘ von Sodom erinnert. Wer mit der mangelnden Eigenständigkeit jedoch kein Problem hat, bekommt mit dem dritten Album der Band eine unterhaltsame und gut gemachte Platte geboten. Das Riffing ist präzise und immer wieder melodisch, und geschickt hat man feine Leads und Soli in die Songs eingewoben. An passenden Stellen wird das weitestgehend hohe Tempo immer mal wieder effektiv gedrosselt, so dass sich keine Eintönigkeit einstellt. Nette Details wie die inbrünstigen „war, war“-Shouts in ‚Drums Of War‘ oder der den Takt vorgebende Geigerzähler in ‚Radiation‘ lockern das Ganze nochmals auf. „Thrashin’ Fury” ist darüber hinaus mit einem druckvollen und klaren Sound versehen, in dem besonders die Gitarren schön kernig klingen. Für ein nicht unbedingt ausgefallenes, aber solides und hörenswertes Old School Black-Thrash Metal-Album sind somit zwei Hände voll Punkte angebracht. (ASZ)

10 Punkte,17575.html – 8,5/10 – 7,5/10 – 80/100

Lords Of Metal (NL):

Since no one noticed Bloodwritten here in Holland, I have to pinpoint on the bands biography that started back in 1997. In the early days Bloodwritten played occult black metal and their discography consists of ‘Demo ‘98’ (1998), ‘Pages In Blood’ (self-released album, 2000), ‘Reborn’ (demo, 2004), ‘Iniquity Intensity Insanity’ (self-released in 2006 and re-released by Vinylucifer Records in 2008) and ‘Whore’ (web release only in 2010). Now the band releases ‘Thrashin’ Fury through Witching Hour Productions that already brought us fine releases by the likes of Hate, Trauma and Magnus.

With a CD title like ‘Thrashin’ Fury’ you can’t go wrong. Certainly, Bloodwritten changed their style comprehensively from black metal to thrash metal but the black metal influences are ever present and are definitively still there. If you are just looking for some really fast pounded thrash metal songs to bang your ugly head to, check out this face melting ripping riffs and fucking occult lyricism, gathered together on this release (which is out on digipack CD and limited edition blood red transparent twelve inch vinyl). Total thrashing fucking mayhem! (80/100) – 75/100 – 3/5 – 5/6 8/10 – 8,4/10

Metal Team Music UK – MTUK Webzine (UK):

With an album title like Thrashin’ Fury you more or less know what you’re going to get, don’t you? Much like the music here, the name gets straight to the point with no ambiguity whatsoever and sometimes simplicity is a good thing (as far as I’m concerned thrash metal and technicality don’t belong in the same phrase). Having released their debut album back in 2000, this Polish lot would appear to come from a black/death metal background and this is very much apparent on this release. This is certainly a thrash album that will appeal to the more extreme metal fan rather than those looking for fun tunes to eat pizza and party to, and it’s a mighty pissed-off sounding record!

No time for foreplay, we get straight down and dirty with the ‘Whore’ opening up and giving a right old beating. Guitars thrash away with no sign of remorse and drums are equally full on. Vocals come very much in the vein of Mille Petrozza; raw as fuck and delivered with genuine aggression. The foray continues with ‘Drums Of War’ which is launched with machine gun fire and rattles ahead at full throttle. This is the kind of track that will get you geared up for battle and thirsty for enemy blood and you can almost smell the napalm in the air. It’s not for wimps and sissies, you can just slide on back over to your Manowar CDs for what it’s worth!

There’s a hefty dose of Slayer worship in the mix it has to be said, especially when you listen to the opening bars of ‘Unleash The Unholy’ which genuinely have me expecting them to blast into a cover of Raining Blood (like the world needs another Slayer cover). I do like ‘Return To Tortuga Bay;’ the guitars on this at one point really come at you like a swarm of angry wasps that have been riled up the wrong way. ‘Watch The World Burn’ lays down a more mid-paced groove while the riffs are nice and heavy and the chorus really hooks you in. This is a good solid release on the whole, full of genuine anger and aggression, killer riffs and with quite a dark and menacing tone. There’s a hint of old school about it, more in the kind of rough, aggressive thrash from Germany in the vein of Sodom, Kreator, Desaster, etc. There’s nothing outstanding here, and nothing I haven’t heard before but it’s worth checking out if you are a thrash fan, and it’s perfect stuff to bang your head to!


Legacy (Germany) – scan

Medicine Metal (Germany) –

Metal Temple (Greece)

Hard Rock Magazine (France)