-“Czarci Majestat” – demo 1996
-“In Nomine Satanas” – first album 1997
-“Hail Lucifer” – second album 1999
-“Underground Satanic Split” – split 2000
-“Hellstorm” – third album 2001
-“Korzenie zła” – MCD 2002
-“Scream of the Eastern Lands” – split 2003
-“Sacrifice for Satan” – fourth album 2004
-“Conquering the world with True Black Metal War” – split 2004
-“Black Mass” – fifth album 2005
-“Diabolic Altar” – Ep 2006 r.
-“Triumph of Antichrist” – sixth album 2007
-“United by the Black Flag” – split 2008
-“Black Cult of Evil” – DVD 2008
-“Demonicon” – seventh album 2009
-“Tempus Apocalypsis” – eighth album 2011

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BESATT has been formed in 1991 as initiative of Beldaroh-bass and Weronis-guitar to spread satanic ideas by the music. For first few years they have a lots of troubles with line-up (not everybody who played with them understands well, what has been created ) problems with equipment and proper place for practice. From this period they have two reh-tapes “Ares” and “Wieki ciemne” (Dark Ages). In 1994 Fulmineus has joined to the band, so finally line-up stabilized as: Beldaroh-bass, Weronis-guitar, Fulmineus-vocal,drums. In 1996 they recorded first demo “Czarci Majestat” (Devil’s Majesty). This stuff contained Black Metal music with medium tempo and melody. This demo has mystic and demonic mood and this way they started the satanic crusade. In 1997 second guitarist – Creon has joined to the band and they visited recording studio again to create first official album “In Nomine Satanas”. This simple, fast stuff exactly shown their satanic nail. After this record Weronis left the band. In 1999 as Beldaroh-bass, Creon-guitar, Fulmineus-drums+vocal, Besatt has recorded second official album “Hail Lucifer”. This step further gave more developed madly music. There is Satan breath smells from this stuff as a mighty hit into the christian god. In 2000 they recorded split “Underground Satanic Split” with polish “Unhallowed” and greek “Tragedy Begins”. It contains stuff of Besatt activity from 1993 to 1999 in new versions and underground sounds. In 2001 they recorded third official album “Hellstorm” which continues motive from previous album but stuff is more ripe, longer and satanic minds are still basic. After finished this record Creon and Fulmineus left the band and as new guitarist has joined Agonus to the band. In April 2002 BESATT as: Beldaroh-bass, vocal, Agonus-guitar and Sukkor Benot (from polish KATHARSIS) as session drums have recorded new stuff for MCD “Korzenie Zla” (Roots of Evil). It contained new songs and two covers: Gorgoroth-Gorgoroth and Kreator-Tormentor. After this record Fulmineus has came back to band. In the January 2003 has been recorded two BESATT songs for split called “Scream of the Eastern Lands. In 2004 BESATT recorded their fourth album called “Sacrifice for Satan”. In April 2004 band recorded 3 tracks for split LP with Armaggedon (France), Inner Helvete (Portugal), Misanthropy (USA). Those tracks were also released as split CD with Arkona and Thirst. Shortly after this Agonus left the band. He was replaced by Fulmineus and new drummer Morbid joined the band.In the year 2005 they recorded their fifth album called “Black Mass”. New line-up is: Beldaroh – bass, Fulmineus – guitar and vocal, Morbid – drums. Next in 2006 has been recorded four tracks for EP “Diabolic Altar”. I the begining of 2007 Besatt has recorded next sixth album „Triumph of Antichrist”. In July 2007 Vermin added to Besatt as a second guitarist and in January 2008 band recorded three new songs for split with Evilwar and Infernal Kingdom. In May 2008 during the brazilian tour Besatt has recorded first official dvd called “Black Cult of Evil”. Next Fulmineus left the band.
With line up consist of: Beldaroh – bass/vocal, Vermin – guitar and Morbid – drums, BESATT has recorded their seventh cd called “Demonicon in September 2009. In 2010 Vermin and Morbid were replaced by Deadlight – guitar and Devastate – drums. During that time the band played many concerts in Poland and in other places on the whole world. In October 2011 band has recorded their eighth album “Tempus Apocalypsis”. BESATT from the same beginning always was and still is the satanic band. Their lyrics just pay tribute to Satan and whole demonology and treats Satan as a wisdom and God.