Thee I Worship – (demo, 1999)
Gods Are With Us – (demo, 2001)
Serpenthrone – (CD, 2004)
Crusade for Immortality – (demo, 2006)
…So Man Created God in His Own Image – (CD, 2009)

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October 1998 – first rehearsal of the band
January 1999 – first concert during “Zgrzyty” In Bialystok (Poland)
August 1999 – record session of ‘Thee I Worship’ (demo ’99) in Hertz Studio
November 2000 – first more serious concert outside Bialystok – ‘Helloween Fest’ in Leszno (Poland) with Christ Agony, Domain, Undish, Maniac Butcher, etc…
January 2001 – record session of ‘Gods Are With Us’ (demo ’01) in Hertz Studio
September 2001 – the band releases a professional tape at its own cost (250 items). It comprises both demos of the band
April 2003 – the band takes part in ‘Bialostocka Wiosna Muzyczna’ and wins one of four prizes – 20 hours of recording in Hertz studio
January 2004 – record session of first full-length album ‘Serpenthrone’ in Hertz Studio
March 2004 – the band signs a contract with polish label Empire Records
May 2004 – ABUSED MAJESTY takes part in minitour called ‘3 Days Of Metal Madness’. With Crionics, Mutilation, Cemetary of Scream, Via Mistica and Effect Murder the band gives 3 concerts in Poland (Siedlce, Bialystok and Radom)
June 2004 – debut CD ‘Serpenthrone’ is released by Empire Records in Poland
October 2004 – Empire Records and french label Adipocere Records sign a deal to release ‘Serpenthrone’ in West Europe and USA
December 2004 – band plays on ‘Days Of Destruction Polish Tour’ with Hate, Decapitated and Pyorrhoea
January 2005 – ‘Serpenthrone’ is released by Adipocere Records in West Europe and USA
March 2005 – band takes part in the biggest festival of metal music in center Europe – Metalmania 2005 (with Cradle of Filth, Napalm Death, Arcturus, Apocalyptica, Pain, etc…)
June 2005 – band takes part at the first edition of Sacrifest in Lodz (Poland) with Hermh, Closterkeller, Delight, Sacriversum and others
July 2006 – record session of ‘Crusade for Immortality’ (demo ’06) in Studnia Studio
April 2007 – record session of second full-length album ‘…so Man created god in his own image’ in Hertz Studio. The artwork on the front cover and in the booklet was created by the Greek artist Seth (well known as a graphic designer for such bands as Paradise Lost, Old Man’s Child, Vader, Rotting Christ etc)
February 2008 – the band signs a deal with Conquer Records
July 2008 – ‘…so Man created god…’ is released by Empire Records in Poland
November 2008 – band break off the contract with Conquer Records and decided to sign a deal with Witching Hour Productions. The album finally should be in stores in February 2009.


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