03. AEON
04. LAW

Mała – guitar, vocal
Venom – drums
Siwy – bass

RELEASED ON : 25.09.2009



Polish black metal scene cannot be taken into consideration without Xantotol and it’s hard to overestimate Xantotol recordings from the first half of nineties. This band is considered to be pioneers of black metal in Poland and together with Pandemonium was the main impulse and inspiration to develop this genre.

Xantotol was formed in 1991 and stayed true to black metal ideas till the end of their activity. At the beginning of previous decade where such music started to develop in Norway, there were only several bands in Poland, truly dedicated to the extreme musical art. After recording first demo tape “Glory For Centuries” which include Samael cover “Into The Pentagram” the band spreaded its wings and followed with recording of mini album “Cult Of The Black Pentagram”. When the album was done, Xantotol got the offer from Finnish label Hammer Of Damnation Records but rejected it due to their orthodox vision of producing and promoting black metal. Finally “Cult Of The Pentagram” was released by Witching Hour in 1993. The band got deeper and deeper into satanic philosophy and found hermetic organization called “Fullmoon”. Their next step was recording of full-time album, “Thus Spake Zaratustra”, based strongly o Nitzsche’s works and released again by Witching Hour. Despite or maybe due to extreme and orthodox approach, this gave the band much recognition and respect in underground. Next year the band started to prepare music for next album tentatively called “Czort” but unfortunately this has never seen the light of the day. In 1996 Xantotol decided to call it a day.

This is your chance to check Xantotol only full album rereleased exclusively in digipak format. This is black metal history – the masterpiece of it’s darkest and creative period!

Promotion: michal@witchinghour.pl



Orfismo ‘zine #15:

"Liber Diabolus: 1991-1996"
I knew this band in 1995 when I bought "Thus Spake Zaratustra" demo, a
great & excellent stuff. Today it’s ‘different feeling’, this is pure
old feeling for maniacs of the past, this isn’t for newcommers.
There are 9 songs of their old demos, "Thus Spake Zaratustra", "Cult of
the Black Pentagram" from 1993 and some tracks of "Glory for Centuries"
morbid, slow & primitive Black Metal with doom touches… like dead. It
reminds me Rotting Christ – demo & first Ep, early Varathron or
Necromantia with that powerful bass sound. The female vocals are
destacabies in the vein of the goddes Cadaveria in Opera IX, it’s
mighty. These 3 demos are a tribute to this glorious band. One of first
Black Metal hordes from Poland. A nice compilation with and old &
special feeling. You decide.

Voices from the Darkside:

"Liber Diabolus: 1991-1996"
When we talk about the early Polish Black Metal scene names like
Graveland and Behemoth immediately come to mind, acts that would be
considered as the forefathers of the Polish Black Metal (necro)sound.
But not many people remember that another obscure act existed sowing the
seeds of evilness and storming near the Baltic those days (early 90s)…
they were called Xantotol, originally formed as a two piece act by Mala
(yeah, she’s a woman) on guitars and voice and Venom as drummer, later
joined by Siwi on bass. With this line up the band recorded 2 demo tapes
and a cassette from 1991 through 1996, with a very positive response
from the underground hordes. Lately I got a promotional CD from a new
record label from Poland called Kampf Records who released this
compilation CD featuring everything officially recorded by the band: the "Glory For The Centuries" demo I from 1991, "Cult Of The Black
Pentagram" demo II from 1991 (originally released by Witching Hour
Productions, an underground label ran by the vocalist of the polish
Hermh) and the self released cassette LP "Thus Spake Zaratustra". But
how we can describe the Xantotol sound in a few words? Obscure, raw and
very cold Black Metal in the vein of Samael at their earlier stages. As
we can expect, the sound is beyond this age, so no more words about it.
The release itself is amazing, on deluxe digipack format, including bio,
pics, etc. I don ‘ t really know what more to add, because you Black Metal
freaks shall love this collector’s item of a true lost cult (as I do).
Rodrigo Jimenez

Vampire Magazine:

"Liber Diabolus: 1991-1996"
What is the use of releasing an album of a band that never made it out
of obscurity, and that called it a day 9 years ago (1996). Well, for the
collector ‘ s sake of course, and that is just what this release of
Xantotol’s "Liber Diabolus" is all about.
Xantotol used to be a Polish primitive black metal act, inspired by
Nietsche’s theories (food for the Antifa, haha), who used to play slow,
hulking and raw organic black metal in the vein of early Samael.
Keyboards are only used as sound effects . The fact that Samael made it
to the higher ranks and this Xantotol didn’t, gives you a clue of which
band did it better. Not that Xantotol is bad, but we’ve heard it all
before, although a lot of that was in the period after the band decided
to call it a day, haha!
I can’t tell you anything about the track listing; the bio says it will
contain twelve tracks, the info states all eighteen songs and my promo
contains nine tracks. So for the tracklisting I stick to the official
tracklisting by Kampf Records. Honest raw slow black metal, and if you
want to complete your collection in case you’re missing one of the
demos, here’s the chance! Oh yeah, how true can it be: there will be 666
copies released, hand numbered… I guess that will do to meet the

Reviewed by Neithan on May 18, 2005

Ritual Murder ‘zine #3:

"Liber Diabolus: 1991-1996"
XANTOTOL was one of the very first Polish bands of early 90s (along with
Christ Agony and Taranis) dedicated to black metal cult! It was very
good band that had to offer something interesting, both musically and
lyrically. They always followed their own path although heavily
influenced by SAMAEL, just like most of BM bands in those times. Their
music was gloomy, dark and slow, black doom metal. Another intriguing
thing was their female guitarist/vocalist. I always find female growling
darkly charming. Her voice wasn’t probably the most brutal but she was
ok. I’m glad to see someone
decided to remind this band to younger connoisseurs of Black Arts. Yes,
connoisseurs, I intentionally didn’t write ‘fans’, because average BM
fan of today will take this CD indifferently. Let’s be frankly, these
records have sentimental value only as this was never really
groundbreaking original music. It’s a piece of Polish black metal
history and as such has great value! But no more than that. I got just a
promo CD-r but as I see it’s released really fine with lots of photos,
lyrics and stuff like that in a digi CD format.


Necroscope ‘zine #15:

"Liber Diabolus: 1991-1996"
Very interesting idea of the Polish KAMPF Rec. to release an with all
demos one of the oldest Polish black metal bands. XANTOTOL was existed
in the first half of 90’s, was even interviewed in my 4 th. issue… I
don’t want to write about the because it should be a clear subject for
every serious metal head. So I limit the review to some important
details. The album contains 3 demos of the band, with very raw and
obscure black metal, inspired by HELLHAMMER, VENOM and early MORTUARY
DRAPE (they were in friendly contact even). Slow music, composed by use
of primitive riffs, and cool vocals made by a dark lady! I remember,
that I was very sad, when XANTOTOL died and today when I’m listening to
the "Liber Diabolus" I have a bit similar, nostalgic feelings, he, he.
Very interesting and tasty CD, since these demos were available on tapes
format only.


Ancient Ceremonies:

"Liber Diabolus: 1991-1996"
Having led a somewhat anonymous life alongside more prominent bands from
the 90’s Polish black metal scene, XANTOTOL delivered three excellent
demos throughout their existence, which are now immortalized on CD. A
wise decision, since the killer occult dark black metal the band
performed over the years is something that is seldom heard back then,
and also nowadays. Parallels can be drawn with the likes of very early
SAMAEL, early ALASTIS and PANDEMONIUM, but really this band stood (and
stands) on its own! Worship them!

Franang ‘zine #9:

"Liber Diabolus: 1991-1996"
This CD gathers the whole discography from this Polish band but this
promo is only a sample from these albums. Xantotol was active between
’91 and ’96 and delivered some pretty original version of Dark Metal.
Indeed, Xantotol mix some of the nocturnal side of the Black Metal
through low grunts done by a female, which are lamenting of the gloomy
side of existence, with some Doom tempos and Dark Metal guitar way of
playing. Actually this band was rather exciting as they came with fresh
ideas, exploring another side of the evilness through slow compositions
and pondering tunes. The feeling of this recording is very sad,
lamenting and depressing. You can feel a total annhilition of life in
such kind of release. This genre of Metal is rather difficult to master
but Xantotol can mesmerise you in embodying the deadly masks. Jump on
this release.

Panzerfaust ‘zine #4:

"Liber Diabolus: 1991-1996"
I think it’s really great idea to recollect XANTOTOL – one of the most
interesting Polish black metal bands from the beginnings of the 90’s.
KAMPF decided to release band’s all three demos on one CD, so everyone
who missed XANTOTOL will have a chance to get to know this act and
others will get these ancient demos on CD finally. So, three demos –
"Glory for Centuries" (1991), "Cult of the Black Pentagram" (1993) and
"Thus Spake Zaratustra" (1995). Fuckin’ old times, ha? I have to admit
that listening to XANTOTOL today is very unique. I mean you won’t find
ANY bands, which are able to create such mystic and dark atmosphere as
these Poles did over decade ago. Yeah, "Thus Spake Zaratustra" is the
best example of it – really good sound, slow playing and these dark and
mysterious keyboard-based intros, which are putted between the songs. No
one plays like that today! So, it’s great to get XANTOTOL at least! To
give some idea, how exactly does it sound just imagine SAMAEL’s "Worship
Him" LP, a little of ACHERON’s "Rites of the Black Mass" and ABSU’s
” Barathrum ” (also Polish TARANIS!!!) . And of course some influences from
HELLHAMMER, Greek scene . Slow and heavy riffing, concentrating on
creating specific mood, gloomy, devilish atmosphere . It’s just something
perfect for night-listening. Of course last XANTOTOL’s demo is my
favourite one, but "Cult of the Black Pentagram" also is very good, slow
and sinister, sometimes song is almost monotonous, but definitely it’s
not boring. "Glory for Centuries" is less interesting, with rather weak
sound – it’s rehearsal recording by the way. Songs on that demo have
very primitive, simple structure and definitely aren’t that interesting
as newer tracks, but it’s always good to get whole XANTOTOL’s
discography. So, I guess there’s nothing more to add . if you’re
interested in "Liber Diabolus: 1991-1996" you already sent money to
KAMPF hopefully. Remember only that this CD is limited to 666 copies, so
you have to be fast!
PS. Hmm, I have some reservations for quality of the demos, "Thus Spake
Zaratustra" especially. It sounds too much like MP3, with that annoying
"szszszszszsz" on drums and guitars . I can understand that these demos
were taken from tapes (probably?), but sound compression is just bad,
with quality too low.


Ostatnie Tchnienie ‘zine #1:

"Thus Spake Zaratustra"
When I listened this tape for the first time, I recognized that it is
not interesting, too climatical and too much straying from "Cult Of The
Black Pentagram". However this was only the evanescent feeling. After a
more penetrating valuation I came into conclusion that music at "Thus
Spake…", although it is different, is interesting, more reacher from
the severity and crushing heaviness of II demo. This stuff is more
mature and better released. There is hearable a lot of Mala’s work
bringing an interesting guitar parts. Vocal, much changed by applying an
effect, is surely the only fault here. The whole composition, enveloped
in mistical atmosphere originating from the depths of dark woods created
by Hermh, is contained in seven tracks, including "Fallen to Arise" from
II demo, showing the way towards which XANTOTOL is tending.

7 Gates Mega-Sin:

"Glory For Centuries"
Under a title "Glory For Centuries" there are collected first
recordings, which came into existence about a year after band
initiation. We can find here four tracks + intro and outro. The quality
of this production, as easy to suspect, isn’t too good, but what can be
expected by stuff registered in an extemporaneous conditions?! In
musical matter it is directed in side of earlier Samael and Hellhammer.
A pretty big surprise appears here Mala’s person, who grabbed the guitar
and wearing out her vocal cords! For those times it was rather
controversial and women engaging in metal music was treated variously.
However there was no fault to find with Mala, because she proved
perfectly correct in a band, and there’s need to say more – by her
person Xantotol became very characteristic and with time also, so to
say, original.

"Cult Of The Black Pentagram"
September 1993 brings the first official Xantotol release "Cult Of The
Black Pentagram" marked by Witching Hour Prod. from Bialystok. This time
band presented three compositions + standard intro and outro. There
appears a bassist in a squad – Siwy, through what band gathered more
power and of course better sound, but the production stood still
strictly underground. As in case of "Glory For Centuries" also here are
perceptible some influences of better known bands, however they aren’t
so hearable, as in case of debut. Music is slow, dismal, dark…
Xantotol was raising first of all the climate. They didn’t created
highly complicated music, quite the everse – it were a very simple
tones, monotonous, severe, but having inside something from… devil, so
to say, he, he…

"Thus Spake Zaratustra"
This was unfortunately the last Xantotol’s publication, it has to be
however mentioned that the most properly released. It is also the most
finished up stuff and the top achievement of band. Of course it is a
continuation of style, which can be heard at the earlier recordings, but
with more concrete sound (it isn’t so severe overmuch) and production.
With this stuff band cuts off from all the comparisons and it can be
said that Xantotol, in the full sense of the word, worked out its own
perfectly recognizing style! Music is still fluctuating around the dark,
toned down, not complicated Black Metal. Till now I didn’t heard
anything like this, thus played only Xantotol!