CD 1
…so Man created god in his own image”

1. Immortality Crusade part 1
2. Immortality Crusade part 2
3. Death of a Blind Guide
4. The Ruins
5. I am Destroyer of Gods (Apopis)
6. Immortality Crusade part 3
7. Birth of God
8. Soul of the Beast
9. Omnivorous Sonatina
10. Serpenthrone
11. Immortality Crusade part 4

CD 2
Crusade for immortality” demo ’06

1. Prologue – The Majesty of The Sacred Mountain
2. Soul of the Beast
3. Immortality Crusade part 2
4. Viperion Ardant
5. The Night of the Triumphator (Satyricon cover)

Gods are with us” demo ’01
6. Prologue
7. Vicious Circle
8. Gods Are With Us
9. The Reaven Odin’s Witness
10. Valley Of Speechless Dusk
11. I Am The Judge

Thee I worship” demo ’99
12. Thee I Worship
13. Under The Sign Of The Pentagram
14. Bring Forth The Darkness
15. Raise Hell

Hal – bass, wocals
Icanraz – drums
Rob-D – guitar
Bielem – guitar (session)
P. – guitar (session)

RELEASED ON : 04.2009


Abused Majesty are one of the most talented and promising black/death metal bands in Poland. Here’s their story:

October 1998 – first rehearsal of the band
January 1999 – first concert during “Zgrzyty” In Bialystok (Poland)
August 1999 – record session of ‘Thee I Worship’ (demo ’99) in Hertz Studio
November 2000 – first more serious concert outside Bialystok – ‘Helloween Fest’ in Leszno (Poland) with Christ Agony, Domain, Undish, Maniac Butcher, etc…
January 2001 – record session of ‘Gods Are With Us’ (demo ’01) in Hertz Studio
September 2001 – the band releases a professional tape at its own cost (250 items). It comprises both demos of the band
April 2003 – the band takes part in ‘Bialostocka Wiosna Muzyczna’ and wins one of four prizes – 20 hours of recording in Hertz studio
January 2004 – record session of first full-length album ‘Serpenthrone’ in Hertz Studio
March 2004 – the band signs a contract with polish label Empire Records
May 2004 – ABUSED MAJESTY takes part in minitour called ‘3 Days Of Metal Madness’. With Crionics, Mutilation, Cemetary of Scream, Via Mistica and Effect Murder the band gives 3 concerts in Poland (Siedlce, Bialystok and Radom)
June 2004 – debut CD ‘Serpenthrone’ is released by Empire Records in Poland
October 2004 – Empire Records and french label Adipocere Records sign a deal to release ‘Serpenthrone’ in West Europe and USA
December 2004 – band plays on ‘Days Of Destruction Polish Tour’ with Hate, Decapitated and Pyorrhoea
January 2005 – ‘Serpenthrone’ is released by Adipocere Records in Europe and USA
March 2005 – band takes part in the biggest festival of metal music in center Europe – Metalmania 2005 (with Cradle of Filth, Napalm Death, Arcturus, Apocalyptica, Pain)
July 2006 – record session of ‘Crusade for Immortality’ (demo ’06) in Studnia Studio
April 2007 – record session of second full-length album ‘…so Man created god in his own image’ in Hertz Studio. The artwork on the front cover and in the booklet was created by the Greek artist Seth (well known as a graphic designer for such bands as Paradise Lost, Old Man’s Child, Vader, Rotting Christ etc)
February 2008 – the band signs a deal with Conquer Records
July 2008 – ‘…so Man created god…’ is released by Empire Records in Poland
November 2008 – band break off the contract with Conquer Records and decided to sign with Witching Hour Productions. The album finally hit the stores in April 2009.

More Information and Contact Details:
www.myspace.com/abusedmajesty, www.abused-majesty.pl,
Promotion: michal@witchinghour.pl



“Very firmly based guitar parts bring to mind both Norwegian extremity, but on the other hand are not that far from melody. However the first option wins, and we get flawless album, having nothing in common with modern mass production” – Hard Rocker

“Were impressive, indeed! Amazing layout, tones of old photo, and a detailed evolution of very interesting band” – Metal.pl

“This album stands proudly on death/black metal ground of dense guitars, however it’s so diverse and catchy, that you won’t have any problems with adopting it” – Nocturnal Battle Of Chariots


Abused Majesty – So Man Created God In His Own Image
Witching Hour Productions 2cd digi pack
file under Black/pagan metal

Richard G.: Some four years ago I was extremely positive about Abused Majesty’s debut ‘Serpenthrone’. Unfortunately the new release by these Polish black metallers forces me to come back on that one. The symphonically tinged compositions on ‘So Man Created God In His Own Image’ are still very decent indeed, but the true brilliance of, say, an Emperor (there you have them again), is not approximated at all.

Moreover, the sound on the new album seems to have shifted quite a bit towards death metal. The tightness of Behemoth, the machine-like sound of Zyklon and the futuristic keyboard sounds of Crionics are all elements that have found a place somewhere in the vast and furious sound that this Polish threesome tries to create nowadays. This has resulted in an extremely enjoyable blackened death album that is even available in a pretty cool digipack. A nice bonus is provided by the second disc which contains fifteen demo recordings from the past eight years, clearly showing the progression that Abused Majesty has made throughout the years. Abused Majesty are on second thought not brilliant, but pretty good nonetheless.

Rating: 72/100 (details)

Abused Majesty – So Man Created God In His Own Image
Witching Hour Productions 2cd digi pack

When a really beautiful and professional album package falls into your hands you just can’t hide this positive feeling that dwells inside of you. When I received ABUSED MAJESTY’s latest offering, I examined this double disc digipak release like a child examines a toy its parents just bought it. I was afraid of being let down by the music in this album, but it seems ABUSED MAJESTY took care of their sound as much as they did their album’s appearance.

The Polish beasts were formed somewhere back in 1998 if I am not mistaken. Here we have to deal with a classic Polish situation. You don’t really understand what I am trying to say, huh? The album was initially released in 2008 and was given along with a magazine. Due to the lack of promotion, the album kind of disappeared. Polish Witching Hour Productions (something tells me that this label is linked to the well known Metal Mind Productions label) decided to sign the band and release the album with a more than delicious bonus…

…the band’s three demos! Let’s take a look at the album and then we’ll have a short walk through the band history with their demos as our guide. "…So Man Created God In His Own Image" is a Black/Death Metal little gem, symphonic at times, that is influenced from bands like BEHEMOTH, HATE, HERMH (Hal plays in with Icanraz is an ex member of the band actually), OLD MAN’S CHILD etc. With a haunting atmosphere created by the background keyboard melodies, the killer guitar work and Hal’s bestial vocals, the band has crafted a hellish Black/Death record that you just can’t overlook. The whole package is being completed with a heavy as fuck production (the album was recorded in Hertz Studios and a dark artwork design by our own Seth.

Let’s get to the demos now. First of all, the band whole "demography" as a bonus is already really tempting for the listener/buyer. If you sit down and listen to these three demos in chronological order, you will have a clear image of the band’s history and the evolution of its sound. Starting off as a more Black Metal act (if you see the photos in the booklet its members were really young back then), they later progressed to become this Black/Death beast they are today. Even the demos had clear and heavy sound, as well as noticeable music. The boys had it in them right from the start.

I guess that this double disc package is more than tasty for your sick appetite, so I advice you to go and get it immediately. Two discs, two booklets and quality brutal music.

Reviewed by Yiannis D. on 2009/07/11

Abused Majesty – So Man Created God In His Own Image
Witching Hour Productions 2cd digi pack

To be honest Abused Majesty is one of those bands I’ve heard a lot about but never really heard, so I don’t know much about them except that the predecessor "Serpenthrone" got great reviews. To my confusion this album contains a track called "Serpenthrone", but apparently there’s no such track on the album bearing the same title (so it’s not a re-recorded tune, as I first assumed). Another thing that confuses me is track twelve of ".So man created god in his own image", which gave me quite a brute awakening when I first heard it. It sounded so different from the rest of the album, so imagine my surprise when I looked at the tracklist for the song’s name and find only eleven tracks listed. And so far I haven’t found any information whatsoever to what song it is, but I’m convinced it’s a cover. As Kevin Bacon once said; ‘what the hell’s going on, I mean what the hell’s going on?’. Anyway. This is a dual-disc release, where disc one contains the latest album of Abused Majesty and the second one contains all their demos as a bonus. But first let’s focus on the ".So man created god in his own image" part of the release first.

As I said I don’t know much about the band, and I was under the assumption it was a pure black metal act. But there’s certainly loads of death metal thrown into the mix, just as the music makes a hint towards symphonic black. The end result sounds a little bit like something in between fellow countrymen Hermh and Behemoth. While the symphonic bits of the music can be reminiscent of Dimmu Borgir the harsher moments can smell of Emperor, just as the death metal aspect feels a bit like Myrkskog and a few melodic lines get me thinking of Dissection. Yeah, I know that’s a lot of name-dropping for one review, but I actually do get flashbacks of ’em all throughout ".So man created god in his own image".

While there’s no question to whether or not these are some talented musicians and the music is tight, carries with it lots of tempo changes and swift twists, I can’t say I’m instantly hooked. The first couple of times around I wasn’t really all that impressed, albeit I certainly didn’t think it was bad. The drumming is superb with some fine blasting, the riffing is energetic, the vocals harsh and the keyboard mostly subtle, but still there’s something about it that just doesn’t have me nailed to my seat. This type of melodic death/black metal leaning towards symphonic isn’t really my cup of tea, but I’d definitely recommend it to a fan of the style.

And then we have the second disc, of this great-looking digipack, containing their three demos, called "Worship gods of immortality". First out is "Crusade for immortality" from 2006. These tracks feel more like a prelude to the .So man created god in his own image album. It’s the same line-up and the music sounds pretty much the same, albeit without the powerful production (and honestly not as strong vocals either, eventhough it’s the same guy).

What is much more interesting here is the "Gods are with us" demo from 2001. This recording has a completely different line-up except for Icanraz, the drummer. The vocals are a bit harsher, more gnarly, and the music is way more chaotic. This is more pure melodic black metal with keyboard, and it really reminds me of the German band Aeba’s older material. It’s a bit rough around the edges, the sound isn’t awesome, but it has a chaotic feel and great atmosphere, I’m actually quite enjoying this. Last out is the "Thee I worship" demo from 1999, and here my mind goes to the old Swedish act Non Serviam for that unpolished touch. It might not be the greatest material ever, but it’s cool to hear where the band started out to where they really found their sound.

I think it’s freakin’ fantastic to include lyrics to all the three demos, in a rather thick booklet with info concerning each recording as well as artwork for each release. That feels like something many other labels/bands wouldn’t have bothered to include, but I find it crucial to get the full feel of the old material as well. I guess the focuspoint for the release is the ".So man created god in his own image" side, but a fan of older melodic black metal could really enjoy the album just for the demo material included.

70% / 100%

Abused Majesty – So Man Created God In His Own Image
Witching Hour Productions 2cd digi pack

Poolse symfonische black metal met hier en daar wat death metal-invloeden. Het klinkt niet erg origineel. Sterker nog, dat is het ook niet. Hun tweede langspeler So Man Created God in His Own Image maakt op mij niet bijzonder veel indruk, omdat het lijkt alsof de band teveel kijkt naar bands als Emperor, Dimmu Borgir en hun andere Poolse black- en death collega’s, in plaats van aandacht te besteden aan een eigen smoelwerk. Helaas wordt de kwaliteit van bovengenoemde bands op geen moment gehaald.

Bij vlagen haalt de muziek je uit je dutje vandaan, het zijn ook deze vlagen waar de plaat het van moet hebben. Zo eindigt bijvoorbeeld het nummer Death of a Blind Guide plots met een gave groove. Helaas zijn deze momenten vrij schaars te noemen en zakt de aandacht langzaam maar zeker weer in. Ook de twee oudere demo’s, die voor het gemak op een tweede cd geperst zijn en meegeleverd worden in deze digipack, roepen bij mij hetzelfde gevoel op.

So Man Created God in his Own Image is de materiële belichaming van het woord ‘moah’, en het lijkt erop of de luisteraar meer kwantiteit krijgt dan kwaliteit. Het is niet slecht te noemen, maar als de band echt wil opvallen moeten ze toch echt wat meer tijd doorbrengen in de oefenruimte en rond de tafel om te overleggen hoe ze meer identiteit willen scheppen. Voorlopig verdwijnt deze plaat bij mij op de grote hoop weinigzeggende platen in de kast.

Joris Peterse

Abused Majesty – So Man Created God In His Own Image
Witching Hour Productions 2cd digi pack

Value For Money! ABUSED MAJESTY bieten auf "…So Man Created God[…]" 28 Tracks und eine Reise durch die Bandgeschichte.

Die Polen ABUSED MAJESTY bieten ihren Fans etwas ganz besonderes: Ein Full Length-Album im Doppelpack mit den Demotapes der Jahre ’99, `01 und ’06. Hinzu kommt ein Hidden Track. Insgesamt kommt man so auf 28 Tracks hassstrotzenden Death Metals. Das Cover wurde von Seth entworfen, der auch schon Artwork für PARADISE LOST und VADER entwarf. Die Band setzt sich zusammen aus Mitgliedern von DEAD INFECTION, CHRIST AGONY und HERMH.

".So Man Created God In His Own Image" startet mit dem ersten von vier Teilen des Songs ‘Immortality Crusade’. Drummer Incanraz haut richtig drauf, die Gitarren drehen sich im Kreis. Ein schneller Song, der häufig in Blastbeats verfällt. Gleich im Anschluss folgt Part 2 der ‘Immortality’-Reihe. Verändern tut sich nicht viel. Nur ein kurzes Break lässt vermuten, dass ein neuer Song beginnt. Allerdings ist Part 2 streckenweise etwas langsamer, jedoch keines Falls weniger aggressiv.

‘Death Of A Blind Guide’ fängt mit leichtem Rauschen an. Das Tempo wurde ein bisschen gedrosselt, trotzdem haut der Song richtig rein. Keyboards sorgen für epische Elemente. Mit seinen knapp drei Minuten zählt der Track jedoch zu den kürzeren des Albums. Schallendes Gelächter leitet ‘The Ruins’ ein. Ein sehr verspielter Track, trotzdem büßt er nichts an Härte und Düsternis ein. Man wird nahtlos übergeleitet zu ‘I Am Destroyer Of Gods’. Der Anfang wird rhythmisch eingesprochen. Dann geht es holprig weiter.

Der dritte Teil von ‘Immortality Crusade’ ist ein ruhiges Instrumentalstück mit einer Länge von knapp zwei Minuten. Anschließend prescht ‘Birth Of Gods’ richtig los. Im Mittelteil wird es allerdings melodisch. Das Gitarrensolo wirkt leicht aus dem Tempo geworfen. Kurz vor Ende hauen ABUSED MAJESTY noch mal richtig auf die Fresse. ‘Soul Of The Beast’ ist nicht gnädiger und tritt noch mal ordentlich nach. Zudem übt es sich in Disharmonie.

‘Omnivorous Sonatina’ kommt orientalisch daher. Die Polen nehmen das Tempo komplett raus, der Gesang ist tiefes Sprechen. Leider klingen die Keyboard-Arrangements sehr nach Computer, sonst erinnert sehr an MOONSPELL. Mit ‘Serpenthrone’ kommen Härte und Tempo zurück. Es bleibt jedoch melodisch. Den offiziellen Abschluss macht ‘Immortality Crusade Part 4’. Dieser wird schleppend eingeleitet und bleibt auch langsam. Der unbetitelte Hidden Track wirft noch mal alles nach vorne. Hier wird geknüppelt ohne Ende.

Die zweite, mit Demos gespickte CD trägt den Titel "Worship Gods Of Immortality". Der Titel setzt sich aus Wörtern der Demotitel zusammen. Den Anfang macht das Demo für "Crusade For Immortality" aus dem Jahr 2006. Dieser enthält unter anderem die Rohversionen von ‘Soul Of The Beast’ und ‘Immortality Crusade Part 2’. Hinzu kommen das nach vorne preschende ‘Viperion Ardant’, ein sehr epischer, aggressiver Song, und das SATYRICON-Cover ‘The Night Of The Triumphator’.

Der nächste Songblock stammt vom 2001er Demo "Gods Are With Us". Man merkt sofort die fünf Jahre Unterschied. Der Sound ist viel roher und unkontrollierter, was ihn aber nicht schlechter macht. Das Tempo wird nochmals angezogen. Es geht ein bisschen in Richtung Piratenmetal. Auch bei ‘Gods Are With Us’ klingen akustische Instrumente raus. Der Song ist allerdings im Gegensatz zum Vorgänger ein Spaziergang. Später kommt sogar hoher Frauengesang hinzu. Das Demo geht insgesamt in Richtung Pagan Metal. ‘The Raven Odin’s Witness’ ist sehr episch, ‘I Am The Judge’ wiederum verspielt.

Das letzte Quartett kommt aus der Demo "Thee I Worship" von 1999. Der Gesang beim Titeltrack ist nahezu unverständlich. Gespielt wird hauptsächlich im Midtempo. In ‘Under The Sign Of The Pentagram’ fließt der Hass als grüner Schleim aus dem Mund von Sänger Hal. Der Sound ist jedoch rockig angehaucht. ABUSED MAJESTY wussten scheinbar noch nicht, wo es genau hingehen soll.

Das folgende ‘Bring Forth The Darkness’ ist etwas schneller und gekennzeichnet durch eine verspielte Gitarre. Diese zeichnet sich durch variierendes Spiel aus. Trotz der mäßigen Produktion auf jeden Fall ein Anspieltipp! Die Temposchraube wird noch mal angezogen beim letzten Stopp der Reise ‘Raise Hell’. Das gesamte Demo ist sehr facettenreich und interessant gestaltet. Einige Elemente hätten gut und gerne mit auf den aktuellen Longplayer genommen werden können.

Mit diesem erstklassigen Paket und einer Reise durch die Bandgeschichte bieten ABUSED MAJESTY Value For Money. Auch die alten Produktionen büßen nicht viel an Qualität ein. Für Fans der Band ein Muss! Ansonsten sollten Anhänger aller düsteren Spielarten mal reinhören.

Anspieltipps: ‘Death Of A Blind Guide’, ‘The Ruins’, ‘Serpenthrone’, ‘Viperion Ardant’, ‘Bring Forth The Darkness’
Pia-Kim Schaper, 30.6.2009

Abused Majesty – So Man Created God In His Own Image
Witching Hour Productions 2cd digi pack

Ich versuche mich mal kurz zu fassen, denn das, was ABUSED MAJESTY auf ihrem zweiten Album "…So Man Created God In His Own Image" abliefern, ist alles andere als ein Spektakel.

Die Polen spielen eine Mixtur aus Black und Death Metal, versehen das Ganze noch mit DIMMU-BORGIR-ähnlichen Keyboardeinlagen und fertig ist ein mehr graues denn schwarzes Gebräu. Natürlich können die Herren etwas an ihren Instrumenten und logischerweise ist die Platte druckvoll produziert, nur reicht das bei weitem nicht aus, um mich in Hochstimmung zu versetzen. Was ABUSED MAJESTY über die komplette Spielzeit fehlt, ist das Feeling, klar, brachial sind sie wohl, schnell auch, mitreißend ist davon aber nichts. Ebenso wenig schaffen sie es, mit ihren Keyboards düstere Momente zu erschaffen oder aber mich mit ihren Doublebass-Attacken zu erschlagen.

Ernsthaft, warum sollte ich mir eine ABUSED MAJESTY Scheibe in den Schrank stellen wollen? Emotionen, Atmosphäre und zerstörerische Gewalt bekomme ich an anderer Stelle serviert und ganz ehrlich, das, was die Polen hier von sich geben, gab es schon in diversen Formen und war meiner Ansicht nach noch nie sonderlich aufregend, man denke nur an VESANIA. Jedenfalls gibt es noch eine Bonus-CD mit allen bisher veröffentlichten Demos, welche auch das SATYRICON-Cover "The Night Of The Triumphator" samt "Mother North"-Zitat am Ende beinhaltet, im Grunde aber ein komplett überflüssiges Bonbon, welches nur für wahre Anhänger der Band von Interesse sein dürfte.

Punkte: 5/10
(The.Beaver / 21.06.2009)